There are a number of ways you can Invite Users to download your assets.

If you know what assets you want to share/send it is best to select these assets into the basket then create either a:-


Send a an email with a link to view a selection of assets. The recipients must complete registration to download assets,


Send an email with a link to Download a selection of assets. The recipient DOES NOT have to register to download assets.

Send an Invitation to Register

Send an email inviting the recipient to open a User Account by completing registration. Recipients who complete registration will be able to self-serve their needs, search for and download or save assets as they need them (subject to your access rules).

  1. Navigate to the Admin Interface

  2. Select Users > Manage Users.

  3. Click the + Invite a new user button on the top right. 

  4. Enter the invitee's email address and select the role you wish to assign them.

  5. Click Send

Share your Brandkit's portal URL

If your Brandkit Portal allows self-service registration, you can share the URL and let users discover and self register.

Happy Branding :)

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