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Recently (in chronlogical order)

  • It's now possible to allow Self Service Downloads by the Public without requiring Login.
  • New Asset Preview modal when navigating large Asset grids to help with maintaining context and place in search. - see Blog Post
  • Audio assets are now playable in the app interface before download - see Blog Post
  • Machine tagging using machine learning and visual recognition. See Blog Post
  • Admins now receive an email notification each time a new user registers (including when a user accepts an invitation sent by an Admin)
  • Upgraded search to use Elastic Search 2.4 for improved performance.
  • New Incomplete assets status for assets that don't include at least one primary tag.
  • Switched to new Filestack CDN for endpoints improving performance.
  • Single Sign in via Azure Active Directory is now supported (configuration for each account is required).
  • SSL is now supported across the board for url's and with configuration custom url's also.
  • New Tag's report.
  • Now possible to Request a single asset directly from the grid (previously only from the basket or asset detail page).
  • Social login via Facebook or Google is now supported.
  • Assets can now have attachments (attached files) to make working with complex assets (e.g. a product easier). Attachments can be downloaded independently or together with the original and other Attachments).
  • On the fly image conversions can now be configured at the Account level - so customers can specify what standard image conversion they wish to offer their users.
  • Added smart Facebook open-graph tags for pages for social sharing on Facebook and Linked In.
  • Search Engine indexing now supported on many pages with customisable meta title and description on custom pages, blog posts and assets.
  • We now auto-generate a sitemap for each account to support search indexing.
  • Changes to URL's and routes to support search indexing.
  • New Login Wall option allows accounts to configure their accounts as Private.
  • Two assets can now be Merged together into one Asset to help with Asset management.
  • Auto Tagging of Panoramic, Skyscraper and Square assets was added 12th August 2016. Learn more here.
  • Single Sign On capability was added 11th Aug 2016 allowing users to login with Facebook, Google and Azure Active Directory credentials. This needs to be configured by Brandkit support for each Brandkit account and configuration fees may apply.
  • Total refactor of the user registration and login process to support new social and SSO login.Now first stage just needs a users email.
  • Admins can now add comments to an Asset.
  • Normalised many previously hardcoded custom pages into new Page Manager functionality in System Admin interface in prep for future CMS release.
  • New Brand page automation and HTML guidelines now available on Brand page or as in-page widgets for custom portal pages.
  • New auto assignment of User Role based on registering email domain.
  • A Blog feature was added providing an Asset announcement/release mechanism with tight integration with the asset library.
  • Asset Versioning was added 28 July to allow Admins to update assets by uploading a new version of the Asset file. Learn more here.
  • Send Download Links was enhanced to allow Senders to set an expiry date and optionally email or copy & paste a link. Learn more here.
  • Video uploading and processing improvements. Learn more here.
  • Changes to the way we search for selected Tags (now Whole Tag Phrase match) and which fields are used (removed Caption and Description fields) in portal. See this blog article for details.
  • Changes to the way files are downloaded via the application. Original Files are now downloaded directly from s3 storage via Brandkit URL's, while converted on the fly images are downloaded from Filepicker's conversion service. This enables us to ensure original file names are used for downloaded files and to force download in Sarafi and IE browsers (which do not support the previously used HTML5 Download attribute). This in turn enables us to provide on the fly converted web versions of images and video for Safari and IE browser users.
  • New Similar Assets panel option in asset detail page displays a selection of similar assets based on a random selection of the Tags of the currently displayed asset. Must be configured for each account by Brandkit System Admins.
  • New Search Again search box option in asset detail page (displays a search box for a new search without having to go back to the Assets or Home pages). Must be configured for each account by Brandkit System Admins.
  • Force all thumbnails to be generated as RGB to solve a problem with CMYK images uploaded not being visible in some browsers.
  • Changes to the way thumbnails are stored and generated to improve performance and provide more control of thumbnail generation in preparation for Versioning and Regenerate thumbnail options.
  • Changes to thumbnail generation for TIF's and PNG's to selectively generate JPG's thumbanils for uploaded files (except PNG and GIF which remain in the format as uploaded). TIF's now generate a JPG thumbnail (previously was PNG) to aid performance (smaller image sizes for thumbnails).
  • Fast upload (without Metadata or Watermark).
  • Create Tags on the fly when tagging assets. See
  • Batch Edit Asset Metadata. See
  • New Asset Request process: See
  • New custom user roles process: See
  • Reporting Improvements: See
  • Automatic Brand Guidelines: See
  • Improved Metadata Export: See
  • Asset Update Improvements: See
  • Default Icon Improvements: See

Roadmap/Coming soon...

Customisable Asset Grids

Improved Asset iInsights and reporting on use of Assets.

More integrations  including Slack, Twitter, Instagram, Adobe CC

Add options to upload and edit assets to generate or regenerate asset thumbnials with transparency as transparent PNG's.

API for creating external Galleries that are managed via Brandkit.

Facial recognition and auto tagging of faces for uploaded images

Twitter social tags to support sharing via Twitter.

Merged and redesigned Admin Interface (merging System Admin and Customer Admin interfaces).

New Help Centre and Documentation.

Working on improving upload experience - particularly for fast upload (now possible due to better batch editing of Metadata).

More Reporting Changes: In essence we're overhauling resporting completely to give a more preformant service and allow things like export CSV of my filtered report, Saving of reports and generally more power and flexibility.

There is ongoing work on CMS features to allow more standardisation of pages and page widgets.

Changes to User Roles to allow some more flexibility in setting up mixed visibility of asset licences.

OKTA single sign on integration.

Most likeley coming later...

Updates to the Sharing process to simplify and enable updateable Shares.

Social Media integration (ability to post an asset preview to social networks with appropriate links).

Multi-lingual capability.

Contributors database (a database of contributors linked to from the "Credit" field).

CMS functionality to allow customer more control of custom page content.

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