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DNS settings for domain name and email

Sub Domain

The standard url web address for your Brandkit site is (account = your account name abbreviation). However if you want to use a custom URL (you must have a plan that allows a custom branded URL) - you will need to update your DNS (Domain Name System) record for your registered domain.

Example Site URLs:,,, etc

For a site sub-domain (e.g. add a new CNAME record to your DNS record, as follows


brandkit CNAME 3600


Choose whatever Hostname (subdomain) you want your users to type into their browser address bars e.g.,, etc


Customers: Once you have edited your DNS record you must advise and include your full subdomain address so that we can configure your account (and setup Host and Heroku Domains) to use this custom url. Only once we do this can you test that it is working correctly.

Brandkit System Admins only: You must add the Customer's provided subdomain url in full to the Heroku Domains settings for Brandkit (production) and into the Hosts panel in System Admin. Then test after allowing for DNS propogation.

New root domain

It's also possible to use a completely new domain name (vs a subdomain of an existing domain) for example

However it's trickier to setup. This is because we don't support IP addresses for the Root A record. Instead CNAME must be used, dictated to us by Heroku (our cloud infrastructure provider). Please refer to this article if you want to setup a new Root Domain for your Brandkit account.

Instead the simplest approach is to use Web Forwarding.

  1. Add a subdomain to your primary domain name as per instructions above. (e.g.
  2. Register a new domain name (e.g.
  3. Setup web forwarding to forward from your new domain to the sub-domain setup in step 1. ( e.g. is forwarded to

Most Domain Registries support web forwarding (aka web forwarding, URL redirect, web redirect, 301 redirect,etc).

Should your registrar charge extra for URL forwarding (some do) there are services like or wwwizer that allow you to achieve the same setup.


The Brandkit system sends a number of emails on your behalf. Some emails are triggerd by system events and some are triggered by your Admin users.

In both cases we configure the FROM address used in these emails, so that (a) the user can see that email is from your account rather than from Brandkit and (b) so that the user can reply to the email and have the email reach your configured email address.

A typical From email address would be:

While Brandkit support will configure your from email address in the account settings, you will need to add a TXT record to your DNS (Domain Name System) record for the domain name specified in your Email From address.

For email add a new TXT record as follows


@ TXT v=spf1 ~all 3600

If you already have an SPF record set, you should ADD this to the current record:
'’, before any ‘~all’/

For example:
when: 'v=spf1 a mx’
then: 'v=spf1 a mx’

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