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Tagging tips

Removing misspelt and incorrect tags

It is important that you add the correct tag before deleting the mispelt/incorrect tag as you will no longer be able to search assets with that tag once it has been deleted. If you find you have a mispelt tag the best way to fix this to go to the admin site. On the assets page do a tag search for the mispelt tag. Then drag all the files into the sidebar and select the edit all button the the add/remove tags option. Now add the correctly spelt approved tag to all the assets. You should also check expired and unapproved assets to make sure the the are no other files have the mispelt tag which you need to amend the correct spelling to. Now go to the tags page and search the approved tags for the mispelt tag. You can now delete it and it will be removed from all the files.

Deciding on approved tags

Because everyone thinks differently we recommend using synonyms when tagging, this is to assist with search functionality. For example if you want to tag something bicycle you might also want to add the tags cycle, bike, pedal, mountain bike, pushbike this will make it easier for users to locate the files in their own words.

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