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How do I upload?

  1. To upload files you must be in Admin.

  2. On the asset grid home page, click the green Upload button to the top right part of the grid. You may need to close the sidebar Basket to view the Upload button

  3. You will be directed to the Upload new assets page, you can set a few key details like licence type, expiry or you can choose to do that part later. Now select the files you want to upload.

  4. Click Next - select files button. You can upload from a variety of places, for example Dropbox or you desktop. You can either drag and drop files or select folders.

  5. Once your new assets have uploaded you will be redirected to the Unapproved Assets page.

  6. Now you can edit/add meta data and Approve the assets when your finished so they will be visible in the Portal. You can approve either in the basket sidebar or on the asset detail page.

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