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How do I invite users to download my assets?

There are many ways you can Invite Users to download your assets.

If you know what assets you want to share/send it is best to drag or select these assets into the basket then create either:

  1. Share, which emails the user the group of assets but will require them to Register to the portal to download the assets.
  2. Send, which emails the user a page where all they have to do is click Download and Accept the terms and conditions.

If you prefer the user to find the assets on the site themselves you can:

  1. Within the Admin navigate to Users and select Manage Users now click the + Invite a new user button on the right. A pop up will appear, here is where you put their email address and select the role you want to assign them.
  2. Email them the website url (of the portal page) and tell them to register.

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