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How do I delete an Asset?

Note: Only Master Admins and Brandkit Support can delete an asset.

Fundamentally we want to encourage long term Archiving versus Deletion as we believe the archives are important and source of useful content in the long term.

Some organisations are also now mandating long term record keeping for media files.

Therefore to Delete an asset you must first Archive an asset.

… before Deleting it.

Also note that Archiving can be a batch process, Deletion can not.

To Batch Archive assets, select them in the Asset grid to add them to your Basket. Once you have the asset you want to archive in your basket, click the Edit Asset button and then the Archive option. This will change the status of the assets selected to Archived and at the same time remove the assets from the Portal.

Deletion must be done one asset at a time only. There is no batch Delete process.

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