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Batch Tagging via Favourites/Sidebar

Speed up ingestion and organizing your files with batch tagging by utilizing the sidebar in the admin interface. This will let you add/remove the same approved tags to many files at the same time.

To batch tag files, you need to be logged as an Admin user and in the Admin Console (not the Portal page).

You can navigate to the Admin Console from the portal by clicking the spanner icon to the right on the main menu.

Now navigate to the files you want to organize, as they may be under unapproved assets menu option.

To view your sidebar click the sidebar button by toggle the sidebar open and closed.

There are four ways to add to your sidebar:

  1. Easily select the files into your sidebar by clicking the star icon, if your sidebar panel is not open when you select the files by clicking the star it will open it.
  2. Click and drag single files to the sidebar on the right.
  3. Hold down shift to select multiple files to then drag into the sidebar or similar to a desktop interface.
  4. Click and drag your mouse over a number of files to select many files at a time similar to a desktop interface.. Once your selection is made you can drag it into the sidebar on the right.

Now you have all the files in your sidebar you need to add/remove tags by clicking the edit all button then the Add/remove tags option.

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