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Approved and Unapproved files are an integral part of Brandkits functionality. Only Approved files with live release/live expiry dates which are not archived and approved will appear in the Active tab and on the portal site. This is to prevent anything that’s not on-brand being used/seen by either staff/public.

Once files are uploaded in the admin portal they will automatically be considered Un-Approved and you will be directed to the Un-Approved tab.

We suggest preparing your files by adding tags (see how) and meta-data (see how).

Once you happy to push the files live to the portal page you can Approve them by either dragging/starring them into the sidebar, then click the Edit all button and the Approve option. You can also Approve files one by one in the asset detail page. Now the files will be in the Active tab and will be visible on the portal page.

You can also Un-Approve files in the same method when you no longer want them to be displayed on the portal site.

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