Congrats, on selecting Brandkit to manage your brand and visual assets, a powerful yet elegant digital asset management solution. 

Now let's get you started.

Admin interface home page - with Basket open.

Assuming you are now logged in as an Admin user AND have navigated to the Admin interface (shown above)

If not - make sure you are logged in as a User with an access to the Admin interface. If you find yourself still in the Portal interface - click the Spanner icon in the top right menu.

Step 1  Upload some content

Click the Upload button

1. Click the Upload Assets button.
This will display the Upload modal window as seen below. You'll enter tags and other metadata later.

2. Decide what to upload (e.g. Images, Logos artwork, Graphic, PDF, Video, etc). Then choose one of the 3 approaches below.

  • Drag some files into the upload window, or 
  • Click Select from My Computer,or
  • Click an online Storage Service (e.g. Dropbox), authenticate the app then select a files or whole folders (if using the Chrome browser), then Upload

Pro Tip: It's often much faster uploading big files that have been previously synced to services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc because uploads from these online services are high speed datacenter to datacenter transfers.

3. Once you've selected the files you wish to upload, click Upload

The Files will be Uploaded and a progress bar will show progress. 

Once complete the files are converted to Assets with asset id's and some automatically generated meta data. 

All new Assets are automatically set to an Unapproved state and you will find your new Assets in the All Assets view or the Unapproved View. 

You may need to reload the Asset Grid or Refresh the Browser Window to see your new assets.

Note:  Asset thumbnail images are processed automatically and can take some time depending on number of file, size of files and file type. In some cases you may have to allow a few minutes for the thumbnails to appear.

Step 2 Edit Metadata, Add Tags

Once the Assets are created, you can click on each one (Asset) and Edit the Metadata including Tags. 

You can also Batch Edit several assets at once via the Basket.

Tip: Some Fields in the Edit form will feature drop-downs. e.g. Brand, Licence, etc. These drop-downs are populated by preset configurations - you may need to contact Brandkit support to set these up for your account.

Repeat for each Asset.

Step 3 Approve

Once you've edited and tagged your Asset and you're happy for it to be accessed by users, you should Approve it.

Just click the [Approve] button. 

Provided the Asset has reached it's Release date and is not Expired it will now appear in the Active view.

Repeat for each Asset.

Pro Tip: You can Edit multiple Assets at once with Batch Edit

Step 4 Review

Ok you should now see some assets in your Asset grid, with metadata and approved ready to go. 

Now go to your Portal view, search for the Asset (if you tagged it well this should be easy peasy). Click on it to view a Preview, click through to more details and check the detail page shown in the Portal, try downloading or selecting it.

Need to change something? Just click the Edit button - this will jump you back to the Admin area where you can Edit.

Step 5 Add a Brand

Now that you have some Assets uploaded - we want to wrap them in the context of your brand.  What we mean by that  is that we want to ensure that anyone interacting with your Assets understands where they come from, how they should be used - helping to keep everyone on brand.

  1. Click Brand in the main nav.
  2. Add your first Brand - all we need to start with is the brandname in plain text.
  3. Upload your primary Logo - this will be used in a few places through out your Brandkit but will be the hero image on your Brand page (if you elect to have a Brand page).

Step 6 Invite some users

Assuming you're happy with the Assets you have uploaded and approved, and you've added your Brand (or Brands) and optionally the Brand page (or pages) setup is finished to your satisfaction - AND you're now ready to start sharing your Brandkit - it's time to invite some Users.

  1. Click Users in the main nav.
  2. Click Manage Users
  3. Click the [ Invite a new user ] button.
  4. Enter an email address for the user and select a User Role.
  5. Click [ Send Invite ]

The user will receive an Invitation by email. Once they click the Accept Invitation link in the email they can complete registration and will be assigned the Role you selected.

Any questions - please contact BrandKIt support - we'll be happy to help.

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