It's rare, but sometimes your account may be on hold and you will be prevented from accessing the Admin interface.

Why is my account on hold?

  • You were on a trial account, where the trial has expired. You can either extend your trial, or start a paid account (if you have run out of trial extensions).
  • Brandkit management has put your account on hold for some reason e.g. you have an unpaid invoice. You will need to contact Brandkit Support to have the Account Hold lifted.

What is the impact of account hold?

When an account is on hold, the Brand Portal remains functional and users can continue to download (or request) assets as per usual, but access to the Admin interface will not be possible.

  • This way end users/subscribers won't notice any change.
  • Admins will be blocked until the hold is lifted. This means no uploading, editing, nor tagging. No request approvals, No user invitations, No reports, nor any other Admin process or feature.

Once the Hold is lifted and the account goes back to an Active status - carry on as per usual - there will be no loss of data.

How to resolve?

End of Trial

If you were trialling Brandkit and your Trial has come to an end the account will go into a hold status, until you either extend your trial or set up payment.

  • To extend your trial, we typically give you up to 2 x 7 day extensions. After that please contact Brandkit if you need a longer trial.
  • To switch to a paid account you will need to contact Brandkit.

Unpaid Invoices

If your account is on hold because you have an unpaid invoice or your account is in arrears, please contact Brandkit. Obviously, we'll want payment before removing the hold.

Other Reasons

If neither End of Trial or Unpaid Invoices applies, please contact Brandkit.

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