In both methods below  we need to have Watermark image supplied and uploaded to your account. This is done for you by Brandkit Support when configuring your account.

See this article about set up:

Once the Watermark image is uploaded see below.

By Default

There is an account wide option to Watermark everything by default. This means that every supported image upload will be watermarked with your Watermark. 

Is not applied to Video and some other file formats.

Note that Brandkit Support can turn By Default on or off for you in your account settings.


If By Default is turned off you can manually add a Watermark to an uploaded asset or batch of assets.

That is:

(a) one at a time using the Tools panel on the Asset page, or
(b) in a batch (from basket).

You can also remove watermarks in the same fashion.

Above: Apply a Watermark to a single Asset

Above: Apply a Watermark to a batch of Assets in the Basket


When Watermarking the Proxy/Thumbnail is re-rendered at the server and takes some time. The original file is loaded into memory and a completely new thumbnail generated that embeds the Watermark layer into the image (large thumbnails only). 

This is a background process with less priority than some other background processes. Allow some minutes for the thumbnail to update itself - you may need to reload the page.

~ end ~

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