Brandkit cookies include:

  • locale: User language preference in wall and Portal.
  • mySelect: To remember user select preferences in Portal
  • app_setting: To remember some user preferences in Portal
  • brand_fm_next_session: To remember all kind of user preferences (see below).
  • first_pageview: Ensure that certain parts of the code only fire on the first page view.

Other cookies that may appear on some accounts:

Intercom cookies:

Enable us to provide chat support and extract usage data for support and marketing purposes in Brandkit.

Google Analytics cookies:

Enables us to extract and analyse usage metrics.

Cloudflare cookies:

Enables us to improve general performance and responsiveness of Brandkit sites.


The most important cookie for us is brand_fm_next_session

It is used to remember all these things:

  • user session: Current user logged in (if any).
  • remember me: To be used if user clicks on remember me checkbox.
  • setting: To remember some user preferences in Portal
  • return path: Path to be used to return after an action in Portal
  • sort by: To remember the users Sort order selection in the Asset Grid
  • background style: Whether to use opaque or transparent grid background in the Asset Grid (Admin 2)
  • backgrond color: Whether to use dark or light background in the Asset Grid (Admin 2)
  • grid size: Whether to use small or large grid size in the Asset Grid (Admin2)
  • user view: Whether to display users in card format or as a list in the Manage User page (Admin2)
  • post view: Whether to display posts in the masonry format or as a list in the Manage Posts page (Admin2)
  • map hidden: Whether to show or hide the map in the Assets Grid (Admin2)
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