RSS is the abbeviation for Really Simple Syndication and is a long established protocol for publishing XML data via a URL. These are often used by Blogs to share the latest posts via RSS to 3rd party web services, feed readers and the like.

Brandkit now supports RSS feeds based on a Tag or combination of Tags.

Here's an example RSS URL:

Standard Syntax = https:// + your Brandkit account URL + /public/feeds/ + feed ID + .rss

This means that you can create custom RSS feeds based on nominated Tags. Once setup, as you Tag assets, with that nominated tag (or tag combination), the RSS feed data is updated automatically. 

Then, any external service that is polling that RSS feed URL, will receive the new Asset data, when it next polls/checks the URL.

Examples of how you could use RSS.

  • You can import Asset data into a spreadsheet like Google Sheets with the IMPORTFEED function for example.
  • You can auto generate marketing emails using Email Marketing or Marketing Automation tools that support RSS.
  • You can post Images into your Twitter feed using middleware like Zapier
  • You can post Images to a Pinterest board using middleware like Zapier
  • etc

Things to Consider

  • There will typically be a delay, before the new items will appear in your external service, depending on the settings of the external service.  e.g. a service might poll/check the URL once every 15 minutes or once per day. This delay wil vary service to service.
  • Only Assets that are Active and visible by the Guest User Role (i.e. Publicly viewable) will be added to the RSS feed.  This means that Assets that are NOT yet Approved or are NOT visible to the Guest Role are NOT included in the RSS feed.

How to create an RSS Feed

Via Albums

When you create an Album you have the option to create an RSS feed for the Album by clicking the RSS checkbox.

Edit Album modal in Admin > Albums > Edit Album

Via the Feeds Setting ( you will need to ask BrandkitSupport to create for you)

Brandkit Support staff can set up an RSS feed for you independent of an Album.  You will need to specify a Name for your Feed and the Tag or Tags it should operate on. 

Note for these feeds only the AND search operator is available at the present time.

Feeds Settings page in Admin > Settings > Feeds  (Sys Admin access only)

~ End ~

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