It's possible to set a Maximum number of Assets per basket for each User Role in your account. This will limit how many Assets the user can select and add to their basket.

Once the Basket limit is reached (e.g. 20)

  • The selection button will be disabled
  • No more Assets will be selectable
  • A warning message will be displayed at the top of the Basket that the maximum has been reached.

Until the basket is cleared or the selection is reduced below the maximum again.

Note that the user can simply download the limit (e.g. 20 assets) , clear the basket, and go again with another 20 and repeat endlessly. 

There is no actual total limit per user - but the idea is to discourage overuse by making it less convenient to download an unnecessarily large selection of Assets.

Also note that this limit impacts all Basket operations, not just downloads. So for example Saved Baskets, Shares and Sends will all be affected by the limit.

This is a configuration that must be setup for you by the Brandkit Support team. Contact your Account Manager or

Happy branding :)

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