In Brandkit there are two ways to remove a User who no longer needs access,

Suspend a User

Sometimes it makes sense to suspend a user temporarily or permanently - rather than delete a user.

For example if a user mis-behaves, downloads too much data or is simply you suspect is a bad agent.

Suspending prevents the user from registering again with the same email address - as essentially the email address is blocked from logging in.

Delete a user

Deleting a user complies with GDPR privacy regulations and removes all a user private or personal data , except email address and anonymised transfer history ( so that Brandkit reports and statistics still make sense).

If a Deleted user re-registers with the same email address, we'll associate transfer history again - but any other personal data is empty and the user can start with a clean slate.

Note: That a user can download their personal data and transaction history and delete their own account or you can do it for them upon request (in compliance with GDPR regulations).

How to Suspend a user

In Admin (Admins only)

  1. Navigate to the User's record under Users > Manage Users
  2. Find the User you wish to suspend
  3. Click View Details and then/or Edit
  4. In the Edit User modal window, click the Suspended checkbox - so that it is checked
  5. Click Save

The user will now be Suspended and will see a suspended message when they attempt to login or register.

Can I Un-suspend a user?

Yes - you can un-suspend a user at any time by reversing the process above (uncheck the Suspended checkbox and save).

How do I Delete a user?

In Admin (Admins only)

  1. Navigate to the User's record under Users > Manage Users
  2. Find the User you wish to delete
  3. Click View Details
  4. Find and click the More Tools tab
  5. If you want to send the user a copy of their personal data, first click the Download Personal Data button (and the send the data file to the user and delete the downloaded data after send - to be GDPR compliant).
  6. To delete the user and their personal data, click the Delete Personal Data button. This deletes the personal data of a user and anonymises the user record.

Note: User Deletion maintains the transfer data and statistics but anonymises the user account associated with transfer activity - in order to maintain reporting that is accurate. The user is removed from the system and may no longer login.

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