If you have a Plan that allows a selectable s3 Storage Region (e.g. Enterprise Plan), you can select your preferred AWS s3 Storage Region, from the available options.

For example, you may want your uploaded files stored in the EU Region, rather than our default US Region.

The available Regions are:

  • US (N.Virginia)  - our default location
  • EU (Dublin)
  • Asia (Tokyo)
  • Oceana (Sydney)

Primary Storage vs Application Storage

When selecting an optional s3 Region, Brandkit stores your uploaded original files in that Region. This is know as your Primary Storage Location and is where your uploaded Originals are stored.  When downloading these files, you're therefore downloading from your selected region, aiding the download experience.

However any Application specific data such as derived thumbnails, zipped packages of files, metadata and database are always stored in our default s3 location. We then utilise a global CDN to speed up delivery of these items, to local users.

How to select an optional S3 Storage Region

  • When opening a trial account (and if selecting an Enterprise plan option), select your preferred region (coming soon).
  • When your account is opened for you by Brandkit Support or your Brandkit Account Manager, request the s3 Storage Region you prefer.


  • Not all s3 regions from AWS are available for selection, as we require the availability of Amazon Rekognition in the same s3 Region as the primary storage for your account. However we have still have enough Regions to select from for global coverage.
  • Choosing an optional s3 Storage Region must be made when setting up your Account.

Happy branding :)

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