Brandkit supports multiple languages in the Brand Portal.

Portal users can select their preferred language (either at time of Login, in the Portal Navbar or in their User Profile), and this is remembered in their user profile. They can switch between users easily by simply selecting another language.

Example shown above for Visit Wales

Note - that we don't translate filenames, tags or asset metadata, so contributors, editors and admins, must consider naming and metadata policies when uploading and publishing content.

For example:  When tagging - you can just add a tag for each language version you want to support e.g. You could add 3 language variations of a the same tag   "Castle", "Castillo" and "Chateau".

Advanced Customisation

Language is an advanced customisation (paid option) and Brandkit Support will have to do a custom configuration and language conversion for your account.

  • Language can be set site wide to your preferred language.
  • Your account can support multiple languages at once (there is a seperate configuration fee for each language). User will be able to switch between preferred language.
  • Language is controlled by Locale in the backend (see screenshot below).
  • Custom pages support language specific content blocks, but page names, meta titles, etc are in a single language only.

On the fly language conversion.

In the future we'll consider offering 100+ languages via Google translate API. This will be a paid option (setup and monthly subscription as Google charges fo each 1 million words translated.

Happy branding / Feliz marca / Bonne image de marque / 快乐的品牌 


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