• Admin interface overhaul that will put significantly more power (backend functions) into the hands of Account Admins and allow Portal-less accounts.
  • Batch on the fly Conversions - will enable downloading of batches of assets with a common Conversion applied.
  • Improved Asset Insights and reporting on use of Assets.
  • More integrations including Slack, Twitter, Instagram, Adobe CC
  • API for creating external Galleries that are managed via Brandkit.
  • Facial recognition and auto tagging of faces for uploaded images
  • Working on improving upload experience - particularly for fast upload (now possible due to better batch editing of Metadata).
  • More Reporting Changes: In essence we're overhauling resporting completely to give a more preformant service and allow things like export CSV of my filtered report, Saving of reports and generally more power and flexibility.
  • There is ongoing work on CMS features to allow more standardisation of pages and page widgets.
  • Changes to User Roles to allow some more flexibility in setting up mixed visibility of asset licences. Including ability to apply Multiple Roles to a single user. 
  • Updates to the Sharing process to simplify and enable updateable Shares.
  • Social Media integration (ability to post an asset preview to social networks with appropriate links).
  • Multi-lingual capability.
  • Contributors database (a database of contributors linked to from the "Credit" field).
  • CMS functionality to allow customer more control of custom page content.

Happy branding :)

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