The Region filter (seen in both the Portal and Admin Assets page) is dynamic -  pulling it's option values from the Region field data,  entered in all the Assets in the account.

Therefore, to add a new Region to the Regions filter it's just a matter of adding a Region to any of your Asset's region field.

However,  filters option lists are generally cached (caching is used to improve UX) - and so your new Region data doesn't appear.

While the Cache will eventually refresh on its own, this can take some timex. To solve this we need to refresh the Cache.  We built a special button to do that. 

Actually it does two jobs, clears the page Cache and reloads the Grid.

Use the Reload button

  1. After you've completed your data entry/asset edits (e.g. added a new Region)
  2. Navigate to the Assets grid and click the Reload button.
  3. Portal users should do the same if they are not seeing your new data.

The page cache will be refreshed and the grid assets reloaded. You should now see the new data (including your new Region in the Region Filter dropdown options, based on any edits made.


If you're seeing typos or incorrect Regions in your Regions Filter, just track down the Assets (by selecting the rogue Region option), select the assets and Batch Edit the Region field, for the selected Assets


Happy branding :)

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