• Asset: A digital File and associated Metadata.
    A file without Metadata is not considered an 'asset'.\
  • Asset Licence: The rules related to the intellectual property rights and permitted usage of the Asset.
  • Facility: Facility means the Brandkit software and service.
  • Vector file: Vector artwork is artwork that is created in an illustration or drawing application like Adobe Illustrator and uses nodes and lines (vectors) to create shapes. Vector are scalebale and resolution independent.
  • Raster file: Raster artwork is artwork that is created from dot or bits. A photograph is a raster file. Typically rasters are created with a camera or scanner or created with applications like Adobe Photoshop. Rasters do not scale well and resolution is important.
  • Container file: Container files are files that hold both vector and raster files together. They can even contain videos and audio files. A commonly used container file is a PDF file. PDF's can be created by a number of applications including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign and many others.

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