Brandkit automatically generates Notifications for Asset Expiry and Licence changes to an Asset.

They are sent to Admins for approval initially, and then to end-users (users who have previously downloaded the Asset), provided an Admin approves the Notification.

These automatic notifications are triggered by the following:

  • Asset reaches its Expiry Date
  • Asset reaches its Expiry Warning Date (i.e. "X' number of days before expiry)
  • Asset's Licence is changed.

Before Notifications are shown or sent to Users, Brandkit will generate a list of Recommended Notifications for Admins to approve (aka Notify) or Decline.

This list is accessible in Admin under Pending Notifications in the To Do menu.

Admin > To Do > Pending Notifications

Shown above: A list of Recommended Notifications

  • Date: Is the date the notification is triggered
  • Type: if the trigger type (Licence = Licence change, Expiry - reached expiry date of expiry warning date)
  • Preview: Asset proxy thumbnail
  • Asset: Unique Asset ID
  • Description: Describes the trigger reason.
  • Actions: Choose to Notify, Decline or View the Asset (opens asset detail page in a new browser tab).

The general idea is that an Admin (all Admins can see this list) will go through the list and decide which ones should be sent on to users and which ones should not.

Generally, you can safely click Notify All! to send them all.

Sometimes, however, particularly if you're doing some cleans-ups and reorganisation of things, you might want to

  • Delay your Approval until you have all your assets sorted out with correct Expiry dates and Licences
  • Decline to send if it's unlikely that anyone has downloaded the Asset already (e.g. when you're first setting up your library)

Second: Notification is Approved

If a Recommended Notification is approved (Notified), it is sent, and the Notification icon ( a bell icon) will appear in the user's account Navigation bar (top of the screen) provided they are logged in.

In addition, a user will receive an email indicating there are outstanding notifications to review (sent each day there are outstanding notifications). Note that these emails are sent once a day generally around midnight.

Users should click either the Notification icon (navbar) or the link in the email to view the user's Notifications page. On this page, the user should review the Notification and click the Acknowledge button to clear the notification.

When a user Acknowledges a notification we will record the date and time of the Acknowledgement and clear it.

Users should ensure they have updated their usage of the Asset or stopped using the Asset altogether (in the case where a Licence has expired) before they click Acknowledge.

We'll continue to send Users a daily reminder email about Notifications until they are all Acknowledged.

Happy branding :)

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