How do I change my Watermark?

This is not something you can do in the Admin console, Brandkit Support will need to configure this for you.

  • You will need to supply the graphic you wish to be used on a 780 x780px transparent canvas in RGB .png format. 
  • Alternatively if you supply us a Photoshop file (larger than 780px)  and vector file we can create the Watermark .png for you.
  • The graphic should be a white single colour logo.

Typically you would create a Watermark using a reversed version of your logo with a transparency setting of about 50% - but results will vary depending on your logo design and the underlying image it is applied to,

You can test results by opening any of your images in Photoshop and adding a layer with your Watermark inserted and with opacity set to 50%. Adjust as necessary and advise your Brandkit account manager, what settings you require,

Here's an example of an applied Watermark for Tourism New Zealand below.

~ End~

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