You might need to give another user management rights so they can contribute content to your brand in some way.

  1. Within the Admin interface click Users > Manage Users in the main menu.
  2. Search for the email address/name or company of the User for whom you want to change the management rights.
  3. In the User Role column click the Edit (pencil) icon and select the new Role in the dropdown list of Roles.

    Note: To give a user 'Management Rights' - you will most likely have to allocate the Admin role to the user. Note that Admin's are generally paid users and your monthly subscription may be impacted, if you allocate a user to the Admin role.
  4. Then click outside the column to save.

Note: The Role change will be instant, but the user may have to reload the site if they are currently logged in. Brandkit will NOT notify the user of a changed Role.

Happy branding :)

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