In Admin (you need to be registered with the Admin user role.)

  1. Navigate to the Asset (Asset Detail page) to Edit.
  2. Click the [ Edit ] button (this will display the Edit Asset modal)
  3. The Edit Asset Modal pop-up will appear.
    Make your edits (be careful not to click outside the Modal popup which will close the modal and lose your edits).
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click the [Save Changes] button.

Note: You will lose any edits if you click outside the modal window before clicking [Save Changes].

You can also Add/Remove and Create new Tags separately with the [Add/Remove Tags] button.


Note that all uploads are UNAPPROVED by default. 

Once you have edited and tagged your Asset, you must APPROVE the Asset if you wish it to appear in the web portal for end users.


It's also possible to edit and tag a batch of assets at once, using the [Edit Selected] button in the Basket sidebar.

In Admin:

  1. Select the Assets you wish to batch edit (to add them to your Basket).
  2. Click the [Edit Selected] button
  3. Select [Batch Edit]
  4. Select the fields that you wish to Batch edit - note any values entered in the Batch Edit form will overide the values in ALL the selected Assets - so use with care (there is no undo).
  5. Click [ Save all Changes ]

For batch application or removal of Tags - you can use

  1. Select the Assets you wish to batch edit (to add them to your Basket).
  2. [Edit Selected]
  3. [Add/Remove Tags]

There are more advanced batch editing features available for advanced users.

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