Asset Name is automatically set to the filename (of the uploaded file).

But you can change it (if you need to) and there are two ways to do this,

Method 1: Upload a new version to change Asset Name (Preferred)

This is the more robust method.

  1. Download the original Asset File.
  2. Change the filename locally on your computer.
  3. Re-upload the newly named file as a new version using the Upload New Version button on the Asset page.

Admin 2 with the Version Panel open

Doing it this way, the actual stored filename is updated (meaning that conversions are also renamed correctly) and the Asset's meta-data is still preserved.

Method 2: Use the Advanced Panel to update the Asset Name.

In Admin 

  1. Navigate to an Asset Detail page
  2. Click Edit
  3. Scroll down to the Advanced Panel and expand.
  4. Enter a new name in the Asset Name field.Note you will not be able to update the file extension. 
  5. Save Changes

In Admin 1

In Admin 2

Be careful not to use any illegal characters in your file name, focus on making it human readable and as simple and as short as possible. 

We decided to add this feature, for this very reason, a client had several uploaded files using illegal characters. 

Filenames should include only letters, numbers, hyphens or underscores.

You should NOT use the following characters anywhere in a file name: 

  • Tilde ~
  • Number sign #
  • Percentm %
  • Ampersand &
  • Asterisk *
  • Braces { }
  • Backslash /
  • Colon :
  • Angle brackets <>
  • Question mark ?
  • Slash \
  • Pipe |
  • Quotation marks "" ''

Avoid special characters (e.g. Macrons), non latin scripts (e.g. Chinese characters), etc.

Changing the Asset Name will

  1. Display a new Asset Name in the Brandkit app and your Web Portal
  2. Rewrite the Filename of the Asset File that is downloaded by users
  3. It WILL NOT change the actual filename stored on our servers
  4. Conversion (e.g. Web size version of high res images) WILL NOT be renamed - the original filename will be used.

Remember that Asset Title (displayed in the Asset Grid) is either the Asset Name OR the Asset Caption (if Caption Exists).

When to use this?

This is useful when you've uploaded a file with a filename that is meaningless to users. Particularly when the file that users downloads has no practical information about the file in the filename.

However use with caution as the renaming is not supported in image conversions at this stage (we're waiting for our 3rd party conversions vendor to support this).

As always, if you have a question, please contact us.

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