Use Brandkit's Email Asset Update function.

Email Asset Update can be used to email, All Users, All users that have previously downloaded the (one or more of) selected assets or to a specific User Role (e.g. Staff).

Note: Email Asset Update is initiated by an Admin user (it's not automatically triggered by uploading a new Version).

In Admin.

  1. If uploading a new version: Select the Asset you want to update and upload new version - this will update the Asset's original file, storing the previous version for rollback if required,  but will maintain the existing Asset ID and Tags etc.
  2. Select any (updated, expiring, etc) Asset  (or multiple Assets selected) in the basket, click the Email Asset Update button to display the Email Asset Update modal pop-up.
  3. In the Recipients input field, select the dropdown and then select the user group you wish to send the email to.
  4. Type a suitable message in the Message input field
  5. Click  [Email Asset Update].

Above: Select the Email Asset Update button in the Basket

Above: Select User Group, add a Message and click Email Asset update to send.

This will send the email to either all users who has downloaded one or more of the selected assets, with a link to view/review the affected Assets including an image preview.

Example of an Asset update landing page with the selected Assets and Message.


  • if you don't use Versioning but instead create a new Asset (with the intent of archiving the old asset), then you would need to have both the new and old assets selected - in order for your email to reach users who previously downloaded the old asset.
  • You can use Email Users anytime - not just when you have new versions. 
  • Some customers used Email Users when Assets are getting close to Expiry to suggest some action. 
  • Some customers use Email users to announce a new batch of Assets bu sending to a User Role or to All users.

Another type of update - Automatic/Recommended Notifications:

While Email Asset Update is initiated by an Admin, there is also automatic Recommended Notifications triggered when you either (a) change the Expiry date or (b) change the Licence of an asset. These are not triggered by uploading a new version.

Recommended Notifications are addressed to any user that has previous downloaded that particular Asset. An Admin then has to Approve the Recommended Notification before it is sent to Users.

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