All Brandkit accounts (including custom domains) should have HTTPS enabled.

Brandkit URLs (e.g

All accounts ending in standard URLs,  are protected by HTTPS automatically and use the Brandkit SSL certificate. 

Nothing for you to do and no additional monthly fee.

Custom URLs (e.g.

For custom domains (e.g., a custom SSL certificate is required. Brandkit will organise and manage a certificate for you.

An additional monthly fee applies. 

Please contact your Brandkit Account manager for pricing.

Here are the steps for setting up HTPS for custom domains.

  1. Request Brandkit ( to setup HTTPS support for your custom domain (e.g.
  2. Brandkit will provide the client with a URL to target:  e.g.
  3. The client should edit their DNS records to set the CNAME for their Brandkit subdomain (e.g. to point to the target URL provided to you by Brandkit support, in step 2 above. (e.g.
  4. Once the new CNAME has been setup for your domain, you must advise Brandkit support that the CNAME change has been made.
  5. SSL Certificate - Brandkit will then organise an SSL certificate for your account.
  6. Brandkit will advise when the certificate is installed successfully.
    This may take a day or two.
  7. HTTPS will now be valid.
  8. Brandkit will switch your account to use the new custom URL/Address in your account settings.

Please note:

An additional monthly fee applies to HTTPS on custom URLs. 

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